Why I Choose to Trade one Pair exclusively

Why Do I only day trade Just the one market and why Gbp/usd I’m always asked ?
I Find if I diversify too widely, always detract from your success, That,s Just me !
Why GBP/USD ? Where you believe the treasure is, there will your heart be also . Can you be a success if your heart is in three different places – ” I know a lot of you can ” I’m just not one of those people who likes to Juggle Multiple markets in the Day trading arena .

So why write Such a short Blog Entry ?

well …  Like my mechanical Systematic Approach Toward Trading and choice of only one pair I keep things Simple and right to the Point .
Only a person who specializes becomes truly successful these days .

Whatever you choose to spend your time on spend it well .
Good trading fellow Bulls and Bears .



7 responses to “Why I Choose to Trade one Pair exclusively

  1. What can we say, you have found your style and you have the wisdom to respect it. Well done.

    • Thanks For the Reply Christian – Your comment is spot on and hopefully people will take that away with them – Find your Style and if the shoe fits Keep on walking Down the Road to Success !

  2. I agree with your thought Rick. As long as they makes me enough profits, i wont mind sticking with one single pair. $GBPUSD is one of the best choice on that note.

  3. i really think my heart is in g/j. but i cant say i tried all the pairs to make a objective comparison. :p

    • The Key is to Really Know the personality of the Pair you trade – And the only way is to live and breath every tick – Having spent more than enough time with Cable I,d be more than happy to have a drink down the pub with her Any time 😉 Cause our personalities Just fit . So I guess you,ll Find that out once you have spent enough time with all off the rest which is the only way to build up that relationship and Understanding . Man I sound like a Agony aunt I am still talking about pairs arn,t I ??? : )

  4. Very good. I only follow 4 now, whereas in my early trading days I might scan a thousand stocks, trade 50 of them in a day. I LOVE forex, I can focus on just a few and get to know them well. As a master of your ONE pair, I will be watching your trades closely now and make sure I am not on the wrong side of you. 🙂 God bless, neo

    • I think we all Fall into the Trap of Not only Over trading But Looking at ways to many indicators and to many Different Market leaving us mentally drained stressed and Frustrated Because You might have missed a signal when you we not looking @ 50 charts at the same time which is near impossible 😉 ~ Best to keep things as simple as can be and really get to know one Market once you have proved yourself then see if you can apply it to a different market and grow from there . Thank for your point of View .

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