Are you Using F.Lux In your Trading ?

Today I thought I,d Share Some Tools of the trade I use in my Daily Trading .

If your a Frantic Day trader who trades of the 1min Charts scalping Like i do it can really put a strain on ones eyes especially when your waiting to enter a Market order based of a strict signal criteria .

As the Summer Nights pass by right now here my country I find this Software to be a little gem for my eyes . I don,t use this 100 % of the Time but when my eyes are Feeling a little strained i,ll whack it on and it helps a lot ( at Night mostly seems to work wonders personally ).

The ambient light sensor measures the brightness of the light in your room and adjusts the brightness of your screen based on that . Hope you find it of some use oh and did i forget to mention it,s free ;-0 !


2 responses to “Are you Using F.Lux In your Trading ?

  1. thanks Rick.
    Catch you soon.

  2. Tweeter~ This F.Lux is the bomb ! A bit heavy on the CPU, BUT….totally relieving the eye stain (8 monitors !). A must have item for monitor intensive chart watchers !

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