Traders wisdom part (5) Consistency Versus Ego

Never violated ones own rules
believing you “know” where the market is going
let the market reveal its own timing and hand to you .

Respecting the market like you would holding
the door open for a lady and waiting until she has
passed .

This common courtesy costs nothing to you, your pocket or the markets to simply wait .

” Thinking ” is plane old dangerous in this game and will get you into a lot of Financial trouble

Believing you can master the markets like this is just plane disrespectful
Master yourself and setups first and that respect will pay you kindly in the end .

Lets the markets be the markets and they will show you the way don,t ever impose your will !


One response to “Traders wisdom part (5) Consistency Versus Ego

  1. Good stuff, right on! right on!

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