USD/CHF – Dollar strength Ahead of QE2 (27th Oct 2010)

Looking likely that the dollar will mount some sort of attack as Chf is way overbought – One to watch over the coming days as we head int0 some very important weeks ahead $ – I have been saying since the 19 oct on this blog i see the dollar having some mid term strength and despite the flash crash late on Friday night and the constant dollar bashing which is boring the shit out of me now the index has begun to move up  and beginning a signal a BIG  FXXK YOU to bearish participants  all be it a mid term play ! –



DAILY – Once we start to cross i,ll be placing a buy stop above the high of that day we crossover -with stops below its lows – I have already started to  built  position into this based of other factors as well as in anticipation .

Freaky Deaky – WTF ?

As I write here,s how the Dollar index is looking


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