Traders Humour Past (8) Irish PM and IMF bailout

Taken From the Irish Times newspaper .

Not the real Irish PM Brian Cowen but pretty close i,d say .

Just like they sold there fellow Irish men out in the north of Ireland to the British after the 1916 uprising they,ve gone and done it again to there own south of the border  , No real surprise really .

Now watch as the Sheeple Vote in more of the same lying bunch from the other side of the paradigm – What good is your Vote when you dont even own your country anymore and have lost all sovereignty – Just For Clarity I Am a Irish Person and By so – I define myself  as free in mind and spirit – I do not recognize the Rep of Ireland nor Northern Ireland where I preside ,  I do however recognize the enslavement of People before my very eyes just as i stated in the right hand side of my blog – keep electing lying politicians, believing bogus economic/political theories, and getting swindled by financiers until it is clear beyond a doubt that the system no longer benefits


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