Traders wisdom part (8) “Listening to the Market & Patients”

Patience in trading, certainly is a profitable virtue.

To the novice trader this can be incredibly frustrating, to the master trader this is very valuable information .

I will not enter a trade until it is technically appropriate and the market has shown its hand.

Money is made in Trading by waiting for your edge, being Patient for that opportunity .

The most effective entry signals which can facilitate accurate timing involves nothing more than the behavior and Market structure itself.

The Past Informs the Future

There is information in the numbers and the information is both important to our past but more important , relevant to our future .

There are also many tools and techniques that can help a trader improve his timing, the broadest of which is technical analysis.

Essentially ,

It is important to remember that in the markets the simplest solution is usually the best.

Listen to what the market is Communicating and Keep it simple .

Filter out all of the Noise  and  Focus on The Truth before your very eyes  the information in front of you PRICE .

~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~

The big money is made by the sittin’ and the waitin’ — not the thinking.
Wait until all the factors are in your favor before making the trade.”
Jesse Livermore

“Patience is not passive ,on the contrary,it is active, it is concentrated strength ”       Edward Bulwerlytton

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