Christmas canceled .


<< Exclusive>>

Due to Further Worldwide austerity measures Santa has canceled Deliveries In Ireland Europe and north America, it has just been confirmed.

Word has it on the street that Santa,s little helpers are up in arms with sporadic worldwide protests and violence expected to spread over the Festive Period  .

The Story Hit the News-wires when Santa was captured on camera begging on a street corner, the picture was tweeted out which went viral within hours .

We Contacted Misses Claus and ask her for her comments – She confirmed that Santa Would still be delivering bankers Bonuses and government Pay increases worldwide and that his last stop would be to the IMF .  She Declined to Comment on rumour,s that they are in fact both in Debt up to there necks  on there Exclusive South Pole Holiday Properties .

Sources Close to Santa Believe Hes  sunk so low that hes been selling Fx Robots on the side to gullible get rich quick Persons to raise extra funds though these are unconfirmed reports – Speculation will now grow within the conspiracy community that in fact Austerity is just a cover story – Santa was spotted flying a Top off the range Rudolph the red and Golden nosed reindeer early this year where exactly he got the money for it remains to be seen .

The baldy one has spoken – Copyright © 2010 tweeterTrades

“trader,s humour series”


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