ECB’s buzzwords/phrases

For any Fx newbies and Pro,s alike In terms of the Eurozone Last month President Jean Claude Trichet employed the phrase “monitor closely” when referring to inflation .

Thursday sees the European Central Bank’s rate announcement this is one of the defining events of the week, particularly the inflation rate now up to 2.4%, around 0.5% above the ECB’s mandated target.

During the press conference after the release pay close attention to the buzzwords/phrases that come out of Trichet,s  mouth .

These phrases are listed in ascending order with regards to the ECB’s level of inflation concern        {     employed buzzwords phrases   }

“heightened alertness”,

“vigilant” or “strongly vigilant”.

Market participants dont expect ECB to adjust their current interest rate from 1.00% but rather anticipating a hectic preceeding at the press conference . We also see US Non Farm Payrolls, two events that will give traders plenty of profit making opportunities.

Have a Great week $


Other key news out this week .

• Wednesday: ADP Employment Change (US)

• Thursday: ISM Non-Manufacturing (US), ECB Rate Announcement

• Friday: Change in Non-farm Payrolls (US)


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