Exclusive Free £200 Credit Offer for all UK & IRISH Newbie Retail Traders and Readers :

Thinking of opening a new broker account ?    

Want Free Forex Squawk worth £20 per month £120 Annually on Top of this ?

Read on and find out how you to can hear the same information that professional FX traders hear inside investment banks and hedge funds in real-time and a £200 on top for your new Trading account absolutely Free !

Broker Link

I’m constantly being asked by new Retail traders  from the UK/Ireland via Twitter which spread betting broker to use.

So I thought it high time I did a one-off review so as not to keep repeating myself .


  • Essential things for you to Consider when choosing a Broker

1) Speed of order Execution Time  .

( Bar none the most important ~ “getting filled” at the price you want )

2) Ease of use platform –

( Quick order entry management & amendments of stops/Take profits  if your a Fast paced daytrader/Scalper)

3) How tight are there spreads !

( The cost to your bottom line )

I fully recommend those new to trading try out Capital Spreads for all the above reasons outlined – Plus a whole host of FREE additional Trading features brought to you by Capital Spreads unique to only them that no other UK company is currently offering out there –

These Include

Free squawk + Subscription to Trading Central –

They also offer a wide  range of markets including: major indices, foreign exchange, commodities, bonds, interest rates and individual shares , added to this I have found that they offer fantastic customer service – not to mention the tightest spreads you,ll find in the UK/EIRE .

FTSE 100: 1 point
Dow Jones : 2 points
EUR/USD: 1 points
GBP/USD: 2 points

To claim your £100 Free credit – Simply open your account with a minimum £250.00 using this unique Link and place two trades non Equity trades to qualify . Then simply Email them instructing them to credit your account .

If you make a refer a friend recommendation you can also claim a further £100 towards your account – Essential money to cushion early loses to any new accounts I assure you . – Capitalspreads Refer a friend Link

For those serious players out there looking to bring their trading business to advanced level then their sister company http://www.prospreads.com/ is a must .

I am afriad that the £100 promotional offer has actually expired however, I,ll let you know when any similar promotional offers become available .

Freshly Squeezed Pips


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