Trader,s Exercise for a Primed Mindset

A Trader must be mentally in the right position to trade – An ineffective mindset leads only to further loses .

Decision making in highly pressurized situations such as Trading is mentally draining , it is important to remember to give yourself some time to recoup your expended – Emotional Capital .

This is why it is utmost to take a break for a few minutes after a losing or winning trade to settle your emotions .

This simple exercise of using a       “Break-Time”         enables you to recreate the correct focused mindset to get you back into your Zone of -Effective  winning behavior  & thus enable you to see your Day end through in a Highly Disciplined manner .

This is the essence to obtaining a primed Mindset .
Why these essential steps i personally take after each Trade exited aid toward consistency of my own execution trade after trade day in day out  .

Entry of clarity –

After Exiting  each trade i take ,

step 1 Take 5 mins away from Pc/Screen ( get up walk get a drink , exercise etc )
step 2 Settle any emotions / anger / stress  nagging in the back of my mind .
step 3 Once i,ve cleared my head & feeling calm / relaxed & settled .

step 4 Come back refreshed & start re focused  all of my new energy on the next setup from an optimum state of mind .

So what advantages does this effective exercise make  ?

The next execution of ones trade in Orderly fashion in which your entry execution is one of complete calm married with complete  Clarity to coin my own phrase  i,e Entry of clarity is essentially what its all about .
Trading is all about the ability to take a win/loss and move onto the next trade
without it having any effect on the manner in which you trade .

I find this simple method works for me own ethos , hopefully it will help yours to.

See also  Mental Toughness on performance slump & account stagnation . 

The baldy one has spoken – Copyright © 2011 tweeterTrades

“ Traders wisdom Edition “


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