ECB’s buzzwords/phrases – Part 2 ) Traders Caught with there Pants Down .

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ECB Summary So far this Year for 2011

Since the start of the year ECB have ramped up their hawkish stance on policy by dropping the appropriate buzz words to  describe rates.

Going back to the start of the year, the ECB announced that they would “monitor very closely” in January and February before signaling “strong vigilance” in March.

In January, they introduced the statement that they see short-term upward pressure on overall inflation, and at the same time “very close monitoring is warranted.”

In March, the ECB signalled an April rate hike by announcing that “strong vigilance” was warranted on upside inflation pressures.

The Following month the ECB hiked interest rates in April to 1.25% from 1.00%.

Last month, the ECB signaled that they will “monitor very closely” the upside risk to price developments. The policy stance was described as “accommodative”.

Trichet latest comments for June of “Strong vigilance” would indicate a hiking of rates next month.

It is a phrase used repeatedly between 2005 and 2007, typically one month before it raised rates, although not always .

Eur/usd Daytrading

From a Day-trading Perspective Price reaction was pretty impressive with quite Erratic price reaction as Many Traders  were caught of guard with their pants Down from the Get go of the ECB press conference .

If you,re new to trading or the blog please also read these two short pieces below for further insight . It is essential to have a basic concept of Buzz Words to approach and do battle within the Fx market even if you are a purely Technical Trader like myself it is essential to be prepared even if Fundamentals are not your forte . 

ECB’s buzzwords/phrases      Planned and unplanned announcements

” Fundamental / News Price Action “

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2 responses to “ECB’s buzzwords/phrases – Part 2 ) Traders Caught with there Pants Down .

  1. i respect your views and listen to your comments..but can i make a little suggestion about spelling?..”if your new to trading ” should be “if you’re new to trading” …and in a previous piece ” when it was there trade..” should be “when it was their trade..”. hope not offended, but just thought that if you expect others to read what you write, better to get it correct.

    • Not at all Roger !

      I Appreciate you taking the time to Critique my mistakes ( In my defense I kinda Rushed this one out late Sunday night as i had other things to get on with so mind mind was no 100% on this post ) . I,ll fix it up Now

      Good to know someones reading Cheers

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