Life resolutions / New years Resolution 2011/12

The below Re -post is an old post from 2010/11 New years Resolution I hope it brings you some words of encouragement toward your trading and life in general .

Reflecting on the past year  trading performance , One of the main things that comes to mind to  sum up 2010 going into 2011 is the word Consistency

Last January I was feeling Motivated and had set my goals  – Fast forward to the end of 2010 and I’m up for the year –

But this is no time for me to be feeling complacent or fall into ones comfort zone –

Its time to start feeling motivated again, and feel happy to take my experience from 2010 and carry it forward into 2011 .

“ CONSISTENCY ” is a word that must always sit in our minds –  it is very important because it not only takes you Right out of your Comfort zone it challenges you as well .

That,s what we should all remember, no matter how much our P/L performance is a reflection of our praise and recognition , Just remain consistent in what you do –  realize this and your work will continue to show this .

Me and consistency our best friends right now and more or less married because it reminds me to keep on contributing to my goals no matter how good I feel .

I hope to continue my goals  as a trader by learning from the market, from other people and from my mistakes on a daily basis including keeping my passion for the lifestyle/Job .  So it’s that Time of year once again to hit the reset button with a fresh Renewed respect for the market, humility, determination and a willingness to succeed – All vital traits to uphold and improve on in developing a consistent and successful approach to not only the markets but in life itself .

In closing –

The only thing that stays consistent in the markets are the 95% of people who remain inconsistent .

Remain consistent is EVERYTHING YOU DO .

Wishing you the best for the year ahead.

As for my new 2012 resolution its Refinement .

Refinement: the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements; the improvement of something by the making of small changes

A career in trading  is an ongoing refinement process although I constantly look and strive towards this at the end of each daily/weekly debrief process, to review my performance to remove impurities or unwanted elements, and to improve overall profitability.

The transition successfully toward profitable trading is to consciously undertake a process of funneling or refinement to develop a consistently profitable and controlled trading strategy .

So that,s it for 2012 Refinement SMALL but important changes to my trading edge .


Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The baldy one has spoken – Copyright © 2012 tweeterTrades

Life resolutions New years Resolutions


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