Backing and Filling – Odds Enhancer : Were the Real odds “lay”..

“ TRADERS rant  Part 2 “ >  Part 1

Backing and Filling – Odd enhancer .

Were the Real odds “lay”..

As most Professionals Traders worth their salt spend the fast majority of
their time waiting – So the Market spends the majority of its time Backing
and filling .

Weve all heard the cliché Analogy of ,

Trader & Leopard  .

– The leopard ” Lays”  patiently silently among the brush or in a tree, to ambush its prey .

Were the Real odds “lay”..

Odds Enhancer

In reality you are one of 3 things throughout the Day – Long short or Flat
99 % Of the time I’m flat not having a single trade on – The other 1 % is were 99%  of my focus and energy presides… this includes

1)  Trade identification ~  Generating a Trade idea Up or Down ( Trade flow)

2)   Stocking a trade ~     Waiting and Disciplined Stocking for my pre determined level ( Prey ) setup .

3)  Action ~  Execution – ( Patience Discipline Technicals all coming together )

Discipline and patients is the name of the game and patience is the hardest part of discipline – Trading is a waiting game first and foremost .

What no one ever really talks about is – How to really increase your odds .

The Key for  Trader,s to increase his odds is simply to wait and execute
his edge –

“Trading is a waiting game first and foremost “

Just like a Leopord,

The trader

1) Sits prepared  ( waiting to pounce on the Herd and its vulnerable stragglers )

2) Is equipped with the skill to survive well beyond its years of its victims .

3) Is comfortable in his own skin without doubt fear or anxiety to hunt for and execute his primal instincts .

Backing and Filling  : 

Many will keep on chasing  caught up in the back and forth action afraid the market is going to move without them …      while the professional waits silently for their trade to come to them  just like the Leopard patiently  “lays ” in wait .

were the Real odds  “lay”  is in the wait .

An amateur never changes his Habits  – A  Leopard never changes its spots – 

Jesse Livermore’s “It’s not the thinkin’ that makes the money—it’s the sittin’ and the waitin‘ t  “be right and sit tight” 

“For your Entertainment a TRADERS rant on how he views Day-trading & the Monster that is the Markets with a pinch of salt added”

The baldy one has spoken – Copyright © 2012 tweeterTrades


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