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Learn the Markets “Hidden” Code to Profit .

Clone Trader ™ –

As Ive had numerous enquiries from people completely new to trading I recommend you head on over to Udemy and try this 30 day risk free course  Clone Trader

This will give you a great starting point on,

How to spot trends,

Stay on the right side on the market &

Takes away all guess work on exact entries exit & take profit levels and get this it’s repeatable across 1min 5min 1hr daily weekly charts  so its ideal for day traders and investor alike !



How Professional Trader,s Cheat

Did you know third-party like Business Wire sells hedge funds an early, albeit split-second, look at corporate earnings, before retail traders see it ?
it’s perfectly legal.

The University of Michigan, for example, sells the rights to its Survey of Consumers to Reuters for $1 million a year. Reuters then sells early access to it either five minutes before the public gets it or five minutes and two second before—for the HFT crowd that wants to frontrun the frontrunners.

If you want a real edge get it here



Trading a Mental Game .

Trading is a mental sport you have to approach it like that.

Its a well known fact that many retail traders don’t have the mental preparation to confront trading markets . Patience discipline simplicity the missing qualities.

Needing to be sure is what really kills traders. They seek a certainty that can’t be found, and end up on the completely wrong path.

Weather you are just starting out in the world of trading , coming to terms with your own trading system , right through to the mental aspects of trading or simply a Professional trader looking for a new perspective and fresh mindset to your trading can help you .

Transition will ensure that the changes you want to make will be the right ones and will leave your trading business in better shape than ever.

Why ?

Because I’m now working for them ! 😉


Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech :

The Perfect Failure  billionaire hedge fund manager  Paul Tudor Jones  speech to ninth graders about failures and talks about examples from his own life .   

Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech

Free Commitment of Trader Report

Want the weekly COT report Delivered straight to your Inbox ? This site does just that COT Mailing List

Exclusive Free £200 Credit Offer for all UK & IRISH Newbie Retail Traders and Readers :

Thinking of opening a new broker account ?    

Want Free Forex Squawk worth £20 per month £120 Annually on Top of this ?

Read on and find out how you to can hear the same information that professional FX traders hear inside investment banks and hedge funds in real-time and a £200 on top for your new Trading account absolutely Free !

Broker Link

I’m constantly being asked by new Retail traders  from the UK/Ireland via Twitter which spread betting broker to use.

So I thought it high time I did a one-off review so as not to keep repeating myself .


  • Essential things for you to Consider when choosing a Broker

1) Speed of order Execution Time  .

( Bar none the most important ~ “getting filled” at the price you want )

2) Ease of use platform –

( Quick order entry management & amendments of stops/Take profits  if your a Fast paced daytrader/Scalper)

3) How tight are there spreads !

( The cost to your bottom line )

I fully recommend those new to trading try out Capital Spreads for all the above reasons outlined – Plus a whole host of FREE additional Trading features brought to you by Capital Spreads unique to only them that no other UK company is currently offering out there –

These Include

Free squawk + Subscription to Trading Central –

They also offer a wide  range of markets including: major indices, foreign exchange, commodities, bonds, interest rates and individual shares , added to this I have found that they offer fantastic customer service – not to mention the tightest spreads you,ll find in the UK/EIRE .

FTSE 100: 1 point
Dow Jones : 2 points
EUR/USD: 1 points
GBP/USD: 2 points

To claim your £100 Free credit – Simply open your account with a minimum £250.00 using this unique Link and place two trades non Equity trades to qualify . Then simply Email them instructing them to credit your account .

If you make a refer a friend recommendation you can also claim a further £100 towards your account – Essential money to cushion early loses to any new accounts I assure you . – Capitalspreads Refer a friend Link

For those serious players out there looking to bring their trading business to advanced level then their sister company is a must .

I am afriad that the £100 promotional offer has actually expired however, I,ll let you know when any similar promotional offers become available .

Freshly Squeezed Pips

Trading Movies

A selection of trading Movies … If you have any suggestions of other movies out there please post a comment so I can add it to the list below if i,ve managed to miss something out .