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Traders Wisdom Part (11) Trader Efficiency

“Traders Wisdom Edition   “

One common way people evaluate your performance is
to perform a thorough review of your performance at the end of each trading day.

                                        Trade Journaling

” Many of yesterdays issues and emotions are yesterdays lessons unsolved “

Not only does this review enable traders to learn from mistakes but it gives them tangible lessons to incorporate into the following day’s trading goals that they should set for themselves.

“Essential analysis for any trader”

The ability to do this is a function of practice and self honestly toward mental strength & confidence . This type of personal reflection and analysis is evident within all master traders .

The repeated review process will help and  is essential to instill the gut feel for right or wrong trading for any trader.

“Your job is to always play to your strengths

Ultimately Trading is a performance based endeavour a lot like Sport if you don’t understand and analyze your weaknesses how will you ever play to your strengths  .

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“ Traders wisdom Edition “

Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech :

The Perfect Failure  billionaire hedge fund manager  Paul Tudor Jones  speech to ninth graders about failures and talks about examples from his own life .   

Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech

Backing and Filling – Odds Enhancer : Were the Real odds “lay”..

“ TRADERS rant  Part 2 “ >  Part 1

Backing and Filling – Odd enhancer .

Were the Real odds “lay”..

As most Professionals Traders worth their salt spend the fast majority of
their time waiting – So the Market spends the majority of its time Backing
and filling .

Weve all heard the cliché Analogy of ,

Trader & Leopard  .

– The leopard ” Lays”  patiently silently among the brush or in a tree, to ambush its prey .

Were the Real odds “lay”..

Odds Enhancer

In reality you are one of 3 things throughout the Day – Long short or Flat
99 % Of the time I’m flat not having a single trade on – The other 1 % is were 99%  of my focus and energy presides… this includes

1)  Trade identification ~  Generating a Trade idea Up or Down ( Trade flow)

2)   Stocking a trade ~     Waiting and Disciplined Stocking for my pre determined level ( Prey ) setup .

3)  Action ~  Execution – ( Patience Discipline Technicals all coming together )

Discipline and patients is the name of the game and patience is the hardest part of discipline – Trading is a waiting game first and foremost .

What no one ever really talks about is – How to really increase your odds .

The Key for  Trader,s to increase his odds is simply to wait and execute
his edge –

“Trading is a waiting game first and foremost “

Just like a Leopord,

The trader

1) Sits prepared  ( waiting to pounce on the Herd and its vulnerable stragglers )

2) Is equipped with the skill to survive well beyond its years of its victims .

3) Is comfortable in his own skin without doubt fear or anxiety to hunt for and execute his primal instincts .

Backing and Filling  : 

Many will keep on chasing  caught up in the back and forth action afraid the market is going to move without them …      while the professional waits silently for their trade to come to them  just like the Leopard patiently  “lays ” in wait .

were the Real odds  “lay”  is in the wait .

An amateur never changes his Habits  – A  Leopard never changes its spots – 

Jesse Livermore’s “It’s not the thinkin’ that makes the money—it’s the sittin’ and the waitin‘ t  “be right and sit tight” 

“For your Entertainment a TRADERS rant on how he views Day-trading & the Monster that is the Markets with a pinch of salt added”

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Professional Traders Secret Indicator :

The only indicator you need is your OWN analysis and HardWork .

” Trading is simple but its not easy  “

Its requires 1000,s of hours of screen time there are no short cuts  .

This simpleness only becomes apparent once a trader find,s a setup or tool that fits their persona –

Markets are made up of people just like YOU – Find out Who you ARE and what makes you Tick – Once you,ve found it after Hard-work and perseverance only then you will find the Market tick sync with you.


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