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Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech :

The Perfect Failure  billionaire hedge fund manager  Paul Tudor Jones  speech to ninth graders about failures and talks about examples from his own life .   

Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech

Traders wisdom part (10) Building a Relationship with Markets

If you can build a relationship with the market like you Should treat a friend, a Master Trader will let it guide their trading approach using the information that it provides right before them .

Traders should use this relationship & understanding with the markets as the perfect opportunity to enhance their Setups .

By accurately using your setup criteria you define and use to enter a trade, you will learn to remain patient of price pattern identification and wait for those certain characteristics to present itself like those of a friend or partnership
you find most attractive  .

Like all long term successful relationships – Good communication is an essential requirement to both parties involved .

The Master Traders understands this concept .

Only when the markets have communicated ” Shown its hand ” will the Master Trader feel the need to act accordingly with Execution as his only reply .

Become consistently profitable requires correct application of your Trading . Build a relationship with the market and let it confirm/deny your own trading ideas .

Listening to the Market & Patients

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Traders wisdom Edition

The Insanity of ‘Budget Cutting’

US Debt Clock – Tic toc Tic Tock

Traders Poll answer – Gambler’s fallacy

For a fair coin, the answer sho uld be that both outcomes are equally lik ely.

If you Believed that the next flip is more likely to be tails because “tails is due to come up” this is whats is known as gambler’s fallacy, a great example of availability bias. i.e availability bias occurs when our estimates of probabilities are influenced by what is most “available” .

The purpose of the quiz is simple .

As traders assess new information, all observations must be appropriately weighted in prices or estimates of probabilities. If traders are unduly influenced by availability bias, the resulting estimates may not be accurate.  You must at all time in your approach be equally fair, balanced objective and dispassionate while gathering your analysis toward trading .

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Eur/Usd Overview – End of Week Summary

Just a Quick Technical note on last Sundays overview Followed by some fundamental chatter . Time Permitting I,ll get some Forward Analysis out later this week other than to say,

Bulls created a strong foothold in the above 138.56 LEVEL and readied there assault on higher ground .

With another EU sovereign ratings downgrade Last week – i.e Moody’s downgraded Portugal’s long-term government bond rating to A3 from A1 having Little or no effect confirming the strong buying presence in the market above 138.56 LEVEL .

The 1.4000 handle was broken for a move to resistance levels at 1.4180 – Eyes now turn to longer-term weekly high of 1.4400.


The EU reached an agreement to expand the role of the EFSF this is effectively another Europe-wide bailout ” it permits the peripheral nations to refinance for the rest of the year without needing to auction their own debt in the public markets.”  an important development and would usually have been a key headline for the markets but over shadowed by current world events as  newswires have been dominated by Japanese nuclear fears as the possibility of a catastrophic disaster remains .

Freshly Squeezed Pips.

The Speed traders

Again “something for the weekend”  viewing to anyone dropping by the freshly squeezed blog…Its a well know fact that the boys over at Goldman  have direct access to the exchange and front running the prices all day long . This little report does a good job of explaining things and should educate those unaware of this well know Fact to those in the know .

Enjoy .

Speed Traders

Traders wisdom part 6

The comparison is often made between Traders and athletes but there,s one main difference with them and a trader .


Practice day in day out in preparation for there game, which may only last a few hours .

“Football, running, boxing, etc “

They work on weaknesses in training then strengths in the lead up to an event and during the event itself in order of executing there Game plan .

2 ) DayTrader

For traders we must day in day out execute OUR game plan

Our game intensity is on a much harder level continually 24/5 and we must be ready to act and always be on our game .


This is not to take away from what athletes do when they “train” hard to create success and execute there Game plan , but to simply point out that slight difference in comparison where both arenas differ completely .

To perform consistently we as Traders must think consistently making a daily commitment to implement our winning mindset / Trade plan irrespective of the outcome of any individual trade that takes place each Day .

The only Game on the planet where the world gets together and Financial warfare takes place … Fortunes are made and lost not with the sound of a Gun but a click of a button .

We must always Take first place we cannot afford to come in second and join the 95% of traders who simply fall by the wayside .

Mental preparation and 100 % focus is needed in this game ~

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Traders wisdom Edition