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Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech :

The Perfect Failure  billionaire hedge fund manager  Paul Tudor Jones  speech to ninth graders about failures and talks about examples from his own life .   

Paul Tudor Jones Failure Speech

The essence of Good Order/Entry execution

Trading Tips Edition 6 “

When trading is it critical to always use a top down approach .

Once the Direction of the auction Process broader flow has been determined only then must you trade “against” the Flow .

Going against the Flow ?

Buy into weakness /Sell into Strength …

Always Trade when price is moving against your predicted direction – let the market come to you eliminating chasing market Price .

This is the essence of good Order/Entry execution .

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Trading Tips Edition 6 “

Traders wisdom part (10) Building a Relationship with Markets

If you can build a relationship with the market like you Should treat a friend, a Master Trader will let it guide their trading approach using the information that it provides right before them .

Traders should use this relationship & understanding with the markets as the perfect opportunity to enhance their Setups .

By accurately using your setup criteria you define and use to enter a trade, you will learn to remain patient of price pattern identification and wait for those certain characteristics to present itself like those of a friend or partnership
you find most attractive  .

Like all long term successful relationships – Good communication is an essential requirement to both parties involved .

The Master Traders understands this concept .

Only when the markets have communicated ” Shown its hand ” will the Master Trader feel the need to act accordingly with Execution as his only reply .

Become consistently profitable requires correct application of your Trading . Build a relationship with the market and let it confirm/deny your own trading ideas .

Listening to the Market & Patients

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Traders wisdom Edition

The Insanity of ‘Budget Cutting’

US Debt Clock – Tic toc Tic Tock

Gold Strategy Secret $

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Traders Poll answer – Gambler’s fallacy

For a fair coin, the answer sho uld be that both outcomes are equally lik ely.

If you Believed that the next flip is more likely to be tails because “tails is due to come up” this is whats is known as gambler’s fallacy, a great example of availability bias. i.e availability bias occurs when our estimates of probabilities are influenced by what is most “available” .

The purpose of the quiz is simple .

As traders assess new information, all observations must be appropriately weighted in prices or estimates of probabilities. If traders are unduly influenced by availability bias, the resulting estimates may not be accurate.  You must at all time in your approach be equally fair, balanced objective and dispassionate while gathering your analysis toward trading .

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“Crash JP Morgan” with Silver Campaign! – Jones / Keiser



Part 2